Maintenance in the Cloud

Today we have prepared another practical example from our customer who uses the Plant Maintenance (PM) module in SAP ECC to record technical equipment and perform maintenance on it. The maintenance of this equipment is performed partly by his own staff, with most of the inspections as well as major repairs being contracted out to external companies.

The customer uses a special solution connected to the SAP IS for the recording of these tasks by external personnel. However, this solution is already technically outdated and therefore cannot continue to meet the demanding security requirements of today. Although the current solution was integrated into the SAP information system, the integration was only carried out by periodic data replication, which often took an inordinately long time. This involved occasional outages and problems that were difficult to monitor and therefore the identification and subsequent correction of errors was often difficult.

Since the performance of the service is a key activity for the customer in terms of the company’s business, they decided to replace this solution by creating a modern FIORI application. The new FIORI application will be used mainly by external staff and it is therefore essential that users have reliable and secure access to the application, especially over the internet. Since the customer’s current environment was only able to provide such an option at disproportionately high costs, we proposed to place the solution in a new cloud-based environment.

Thus, the new solution will be built on the basis of modern SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) cloud products and will be fully and online integrated to the internal SAP ECC environment. This new technology will ensure secure, authenticated and reliable access for external staff from the Internet environment. The application developed in this environment will have a modern and responsive user experience that will make it easier and more efficient for employees to solve their daily tasks. At the same time, the solution will be ready for the customer to further extend features such as a mobile app, enhanced analytics, or the addition of artificial intelligence features 😊. In addition, by deploying SAP BTP compacts, the customer will gain modern cloud technology today, even though the transition to a modern S/4HANA solution is not planned until later in the future.

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