Enterprise Integration in the Cloud


Based on conversations with our partners as well as customers, we decided to share our experience in enterprise integration as well as its transition to the cloud.

We have been in the process integration business since the founding of our company. Since then, we have been through dozens of integration projects, connected hundreds of information systems of our customers and created thousands of integration interfaces through which terabytes of data have flowed reliably and securely. Along the way, we have encountered a multitude of technologies, standards, requirements and constraints that we have always been able to cope with. This has created a vast well of experience, knowledge and proven ways of doing integration well.

Current enterprise system integrations are undergoing a major technological change and that is the Cloud. New information systems as well as the tools to integrate them are now commonly in the cloud. Enterprise systems in the cloud is simply a trend that we will try to prepare you for.

That is why we have decided to prepare a miniseries of posts about integration in the Cloud and Cloud services. To clarify the possibilities of integrations in the Cloud, we will present some interesting information and especially examples from practice.

Our goal is to show how quickly and easily it is possible to start integrating business systems in practice if you have an experienced and reliable partner by your side.

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