How to get familiar with Cloud integration

If someone wants to give the cloud integration platform a practical try, nowadays they can start right away with professional solutions directly from the SAP manufacturer. In the past, SAP products were almost inaccessible to the “common” person. Unless a person worked in a company that used the SAP system, or was employed directly in an IT company that was an SAP partner, it was very difficult to get access to the SAP system at all and just try something out. Moreover, as a proper German system with high security, a normal user without the appropriate permissions wouldn’t be allowed into customization or perhaps development anyway.

However, this has changed with the advent of the cloud. SAP Integration Suite is now a fully cloud-based solution with the option to try it out for free. Anyone interested can currently activate its 90-day free version, or SAP partners with a BTP Pay-As-You-Go plan can add it to their services free of charge under defined conditions.

Trying out such a platform with your own hands is probably the dream of every enthusiast and technical enthusiast. But be warned, if you don’t have ambitions to become an IT professional in this field and don’t want to spend your evenings reading manuals and testing, you can safely skip this step.

However, if you would still like to try out the Cloud platform, you can find a guide to preparing a test environment here: For those who want to actively educate themselves on the topic, I recommend watching at least a basic video training on the topic:

In the area of digitalization and cloud, including SAP Integration Suite, we offer our expert services that companies can fully rely on. In this way, we leave space and time for managers to have time to fully engage in business processes that can be purposefully automated, simplified, refined and continuously improved with the help of such a tool.

So if you decide to go down the path of digitizing automation and therefore integration, buying the right product is just the first step. If you approach us directly with this requirement, you can count on us to offer you all the services we know you need in addition to the licenses. This means that from the joint creation of an integration strategy, to the analysis, to the actual setup of integration scenarios, including support and development. In the next edition of the newsletter we will inform you about the content and importance of an integration strategy.

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